Isolation of bacterial endophytes from germinated maize kernels.

  title={Isolation of bacterial endophytes from germinated maize kernels.},
  author={Toma{\vz} Rijavec and Ales Lapanje and M Dermastia and Maja Rupnik},
  journal={Canadian journal of microbiology},
  volume={53 6},
The germination of surface-sterilized maize kernels under aseptic conditions proved to be a suitable method for isolation of kernel-associated bacterial endophytes. Bacterial strains identified by partial 16S rRNA gene sequencing as Pantoea sp., Microbacterium sp., Frigoribacterium sp., Bacillus sp., Paenibacillus sp., and Sphingomonas sp. were isolated from kernels of 4 different maize cultivars. Genus Pantoea was associated with a specific maize cultivar. The kernels of this cultivar were… CONTINUE READING

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Bacillus zeae sp. nov., isolated from the rhizosphere of Zea mays.

International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology • 2017

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