Isolation of an algal morphogenesis inducer from a marine bacterium.

  title={Isolation of an algal morphogenesis inducer from a marine bacterium.},
  author={Yoshihide Matsuo and Hiroshi Imagawa and Mugio Nishizawa and Yoshikazu Shizuri},
  volume={307 5715},
Ulva and Enteromorpha are cosmopolitan and familiar marine algal genera. It is well known that these green macroalgae lose their natural morphology during short-term cultivation under aseptic conditions and during long-term cultivation in nutrient-added seawater and adopt an unusual form instead. These phenomena led to the belief that undefined morphogenetic factors that were indispensable to the foliaceous morphology of macroalgae exist throughout the oceans. We characterize a causative factor… CONTINUE READING

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