Isolation of alkaloids from the epigeal part ofVinca erecta


: : ] ;he extract obtained was f i l tered and passed through a battery o f adsorbers consisting of four columns (diameter 20 cm, depth of layer of resin 40 cm, weight of air-dry resin 4 .2 kg) f i l led with KU-1 cat ion exchange resin in the H form. When "break-through" appeared after :the fourth adsorber (test with sil icotungstic acid), the first adsorber was disconnect:ed and a new one was connected to the end of the adsorption bat tery. Twenty-four adsorbers were used for the extraction of 1700 kg of plant ma te r i a l . The alkaloids were eluted from the resin with a 1.5°]0 solution of ammonia in 85% ethanol . The a lcohol was dist i l led off in vacuum and the residual aqueous solution of the alkaloids was treated with chloroform. The chloroform extract was dried with sodium sulfate and evaporated in vacuum. The viscous residue of to ta l alkaloids was dried in vacuum to the powdered state. Yield 11 kg.

DOI: 10.1007/BF00564137

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@article{Aripov2004IsolationOA, title={Isolation of alkaloids from the epigeal part ofVinca erecta}, author={Kh. N. Aripov and T. Shakirov and Viacheslav Malikov}, journal={Chemistry of Natural Compounds}, year={2004}, volume={3}, pages={241-241} }