Isolation of Novel Adenovirus from Fruit Bat (Pteropus dasymallus yayeyamae)

  title={Isolation of Novel Adenovirus from Fruit Bat (Pteropus dasymallus yayeyamae)},
  author={Ken Maeda and Eiichi Hondo and Junpei Terakawa and Yasuo Kiso and Numekazu Nakaichi and Daiji Endoh and Kouji Sakai and S. R. K. Morikawa and Tetsuya Mizutani},
  journal={Emerging Infectious Diseases},
  pages={347 - 349}
M. genavense infections occur only rarely in persons other than AIDS patients (as in the present case), but they always occur in immunocompromised persons (7,8). To date, only 1 case of disseminated infection has been reported in a solid-organ (kidney) transplant recipient; the diagnosis was made by molecular identifi cation in isolates from blood and marrow cultures. That patient died of complications from M. genavense infection (9). Because M. genavense is a fastidious organism, the… CONTINUE READING