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Isolation of Lupeol from the Stem-bark of Lonchocarpus sericeus (Papilionaceae)

  title={Isolation of Lupeol from the Stem-bark of Lonchocarpus sericeus (Papilionaceae)},
  author={Sadiya M. Abdullahi and Aliyu Muhammad Musa and Musa Ismail Abdullahi and Mihir Sule and Y. M. Sani},
Lupeol, a pentacyclic triterpenoid, was isolated from the chloroform soluble fraction of a methanol extract of the stem-bark of Lonchocarpus sericeus, a plant variously used in ethnomedicine to stimulate appetite, treat constipation, backache and convulsion. Its isolation was carried out by a combination of column chromatography and preparative Thin Layer Chromatography. The structure was determined by analysis of its IR, H NMR, C NMR, and 2D NMR spectral data, as well as comparison with… Expand
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Isolation and Characterization of two Pentacyclic Triterpenoids from Glossonema boveanum Decne (Apocynaceae)
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β-Stigmasterol is present in the stembark of Lonchocarpus sericeus Poir. (Papilionaceae)
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The results confirmed the presence of anti-inflammatory compounds in G. heterophylla which are important indicators for development of complementary medicine for inflammatory reactions; however, few could be useful as selective COX-2 inhibitor. Expand
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Antiplatelet Effect of Lonchocarpin and Derricin Isolated from Lonchocarpus sericeus.
Abstract In this work, we studied the effects of lonchocarpin (LCC) and derricin (DRC), two chalcones isolated from the hexane fraction of roots from Lonchocarpus sericeus. (Poir.) Kunth (Fabaceae),Expand
Thin Layer Chromatography: A Laboratory Handbook
Thin-Layer Chromatography edited by E. Stahl (+) is the standard laboratory reference book for applications of this analytical method in chemical, pharmaceutical and clinical analysis.
Anticonvulsant Activity of Methanol Extract of the Stem Bark of Lonchocarpus sericeus, Poir (Papilionaceae)
  • Journal of Tropical Biosciences,
  • 2006
The useful plants of West Tropical Africa.