Isolation of Eubacterium suis from sows with cystitis.

  title={Isolation of Eubacterium suis from sows with cystitis.},
  author={Richard L. Walker and N. James Maclachlan},
  journal={Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association},
  volume={195 8},
Eubacterium suis was isolated from the bladders of 3 of 64 sows (4.7%) examined at slaughter. Two of the sows had cystitis similar to other descriptions of E suis infections in sows. There was no histologic evidence of cystitis in the third sow from which E suis was recovered. In all 3 instances, a mixed infection was present. Other bacteria present were predominantly gram-positive organisms. Eubacterium suis cystitis may be more prevalent than previously suspected. The special culture… CONTINUE READING

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