Isolation of DNA aptamers using micro free flow electrophoresis.

  title={Isolation of DNA aptamers using micro free flow electrophoresis.},
  author={Meng Jing and Michael T Bowser},
  journal={Lab on a chip},
  volume={11 21},
A micro free flow electrophoresis (μFFE) device was used to select DNA aptamers for human immunoglobulin E (IgE). The continuous nature of μFFE allowed 1.8 × 10(14) sequences to be introduced over a period of 30 min, a 300-fold improvement in library size over capillary electrophoresis based selections (CE-SELEX). Four rounds of selection were performed within four days. Aptamers with low nM dissociation constants for IgE were identified after a single round of μFFE selection. 

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International journal of molecular sciences • 2017
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