Isolation of Bacillus subtilis (chungkookjang), a poly-γ-glutamate producer with high genetic competence

  title={Isolation of Bacillus subtilis (chungkookjang), a poly-γ-glutamate producer with high genetic competence},
  author={Makoto Ashiuchi and Tohru Kamei and D.-H. Baek and S. Shin and M.-H. Sung and Kenji Soda and Toshiyuki Yagi and Haruo Misono},
  journal={Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology},
A bacterium with high poly-γ-glutamate (PGA) productivity was isolated from the traditional Korean seasoning, Chung-Kook-Jang. This bacterium could be classified as a Bacillus subtilis, but sporulation in culture was infrequent in the absence of Mn2+. It was judged to be a variety of B. subtilis and designated B. subtilis (chungkookjang). L-Glutamate significantly induced PGA production, and highly elongated PGAs were synthesized. The volumetric yield reached 13.5 mg ml–1 in the presence of 2… CONTINUE READING
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