Isolation and structure of bombesin and alytesin, 2 analogous active peptides from the skin of the European amphibians Bombina and Alytes.

  title={Isolation and structure of bombesin and alytesin, 2 analogous active peptides from the skin of the European amphibians Bombina and Alytes.},
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Bombesin-drug conjugates in targeted therapy for small cell lung cancer.
Bombesin-radioisotope conjugates can be used for early detection of SCLC using positron emission tomography, as well as subsequent targeted adjuvant radiotherapy to help minimize radiation-induced fibrosis of healthy tissue.
Shrinkage of experimental benign prostatic hyperplasia and reduction of prostatic cell volume by a gastrin-releasing peptide antagonist
GRP antagonists reduce volume of human prostatic cells and lower prostate weight in experimental BPH through direct inhibitory effects on prostatic GRP receptors.
Interrogating Tumor Metabolism and Tumor Microenvironments Using Molecular Positron Emission Tomography Imaging. Theranostic Approaches to Improve Therapeutics
There is an increasing need for the development of selective biologic radiotracers that will yield specific biochemical information and allow for noninvasive molecular imaging.
Capsaicin treatment differentially affects feeding suppression by bombesin-like peptides
Isolation and structural characterisation of a novel 13-amino acid insulin-releasing peptide from the skin secretion of Agalychnis calcarifer
The data indicate that skin secretions of Agalychnis calcarifer frogs contain insulin-releasing peptides, including RK-13, which merit further investigation as insulin secretagogues.
Unconventional insulins from predators and pathogens
Insulin and its related peptides are found throughout the animal kingdom, in which they serve diverse functions. This includes regulation of glucose homeostasis, neuronal development and cognition.
Changes of Gastric Secretion after Bolus and Slow Intravenous Administration of Bombesin and Neurotensin.
The rapid intravenous infusion of BBS caused a very significant increase in gastrin levels, BLI in plasma, volume and HCl of the gastric fluids, and Neurotensin administration causes a decrease in HCl secretion without affecting gastrin Levels in plasma.
Potential Targets Other Than PSMA for Prostate Cancer Theranostics: A Systematic Review
Theranostics in nuclear medicine will continue to develop in the future, especially for PCa patients, and targets other than PSMA exist and deserve to be promoted.
The gastrin-releasing peptide/bombesin system revisited by a reverse-evolutionary study considering Xenopus
It is shown, by using a clawed frog (Xenopus tropicalis), that GRP is not a mammalian counterpart of bombesin and also that, whereas the GRP system is widely conserved among vertebrates, the NMB/bombesin system has diversified in certain lineages, in particular in frog species.