Isolation and structural elucidation of a novel brunnein-type antioxidant β-carboline alkaloid from Cyclocybe cylindracea.

  title={Isolation and structural elucidation of a novel brunnein-type antioxidant $\beta$-carboline alkaloid from Cyclocybe cylindracea.},
  author={D{\'a}niel Kr{\"u}zselyi and J{\'a}nos Vetter and P{\'e}ter G. Ott and Andr{\'a}s Darcsi and Szabolcs B{\'e}ni and {\'A}gnes G{\"o}m{\"o}ry and L{\'a}szl{\'o} Drahos and Ferenc Zsila and {\'A}gnes M. M{\'o}ricz},
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Suillin: A mixed-type acetylcholinesterase inhibitor from Suillus luteus which is used by Saraguros indigenous, southern Ecuador
Suillus luteus (L.) Roussel is an edible mushroom commonly known as slippery jack or “Kallampa” by indigenous people from Loja province. It is used in traditional medicine to manage gastrointestinal
Structures and Biological Activities of Alkaloids Produced by Mushrooms, a Fungal Subgroup
This review covers the findings of the last 20 years related to the isolation, structures, and biological activities of the alkaloids produced by mushrooms, a fungal subgroup, and their potential to develop drugs and agrochemicals.
Impact of substrate supplemented with CaCO3 on mycelial growth, yield, morphological features and storability of fruiting bodies of black poplar mushroom Agrocybe cylindracea (DC.) Marie.
Black poplar mushroom, Agrocybe cylindracea deserves special attention, due to its medicinal properties. Water and alcohol extracts from fruiting bodies of the fungus have an anti-oxidant,
Actual Concepts of Higher Fungi’s Toxins: Simple Nitrogen-Containing Compounds
Abstract Higher fungi represent a group of living organisms that remain poorly studied in terms of mycology and biochemistry. Among their secondary metabolites, toxic compounds are of particular


Brunneins A–C, β-Carboline Alkaloids from Cortinarius brunneus
Four beta-carboline alkaloids, brunneins A-C (1-3) and 3-(7-hydroxy-9H-beta-carboline-1-yl)propanoic acid (4), were isolated from fruiting bodies of the agaricoid fungus Cortinarius brunneus. The
Effect-Directed Discovery of Bioactive Compounds Followed by Highly Targeted Characterization, Isolation and Identification, Exemplarily Shown for Solidago virgaurea.
A nontargeted, effect-directed screening (bioprofiling) and a subsequent highly targeted characterization of antibacterial compounds from plant matrices is demonstrated on the example of Solidago
New indole derivatives with free radical scavenging activity from Agrocybe cylindracea.
Two new indole derivatives were isolated as free radical scavengers from the MeOH extract of Agrocybe cylindracea and inhibited lipid peroxidation in rat liver microsomes.
HPLC-DPPH Screening Method for Evaluation of Antioxidant Compounds in Corylus Species
Comparison of in vitro DPPH scavenging activity of the Corylus extracts prepared with ethyl acetate and methanol to those of well-known antioxidant phenolics was performed to investigate the contribution of certain compounds to the total antioxidant activity.
Medicinal mushrooms as a source of antitumor and immunomodulating polysaccharides
  • S. Wasser
  • Biology, Medicine
    Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology
  • 2002
The present review analyzes the pecularities of polysaccharides derived from fruiting bodies and cultured mycelium in selected examples of medicinal mushrooms and concludes that high molecular weight glucans appear to be more effective than those of low molecular weight.
A Circular Dichroism Study of Molecular Association of Cinchona Alkaloids and Carboxylic Acids
Circular dichroism (CD) spectra of cinchona alkaloids and their salts with carboxylic acids have been investigated. A eontribution of the exciton type Cotton effect to the 230 nm CD band of free
Medicinal properties of substances occurring in higher basidiomycetes mushrooms: current perspectives (review).
Clinical intervention studies have demonstrated the therapeutic importance of correcting the hypercholesterolemia and the initial step in lowering cholesterol is a special diet low in fat and saturated fatty acids and rich in crude fibers.