Isolation and sequences of rice sucrose synthase cDNA and genomic DNA

  title={Isolation and sequences of rice sucrose synthase cDNA and genomic DNA},
  author={W Yu and A Wang and R Y Juang and Hsien-Yi Sung and Jong-Ching Su},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
Genomic DNA and poly(A) + RNA were extracted and purified [1, 7] from excised leaflets and roots of 7to 10-day old etiolated seedlings and milk-ripe grains, respectively, of rice (Oryza sativa cv. Tainong 67). Genomic and cDNA libraries were constructed by ligating Sau 3A digest [2] and synthesized cDNA [3] on the Bam HI site of 2EMBL3 and the Eco RI site of 2gtl0 or pUC18 vectors, respectively [4, 7]. Screening of libraries was done by using a synthetic 17-mer (5'-TACATCTTCTTGAACTC-3', a… CONTINUE READING


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