Isolation and sequence of cDNA encoding the soybean protease inhibitors PI IV and C-II

  title={Isolation and sequence of cDNA encoding the soybean protease inhibitors PI IV and C-II},
  author={Philippe Joudrier and Donald E. Foard and L. A. Floener and Brian A. Larkins},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
Two full-length (or nearly so) cDNA clones containing information for the protease inhibitors PI IV and C-II from soybean seeds were identified by means of a synthetic probe. DNA sequencing revealed that the two protease inhibitors are synthesized as precursors with a short peptide leader. The coding regions of the two clones show 80% homology, wheraes the 5′ non-coding regions are 90% homologous. Homology of 75% is found in the region extending beyond the stop codons. 


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