Isolation and purification of osteocytes.

  title={Isolation and purification of osteocytes.},
  author={Arend-Jan van der Plas and Peter J. Nijweide},
  journal={Journal of bone and mineral research : the official journal of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research},
  volume={7 4},
An isolation method for osteocytes is described. After removal of the periostea, bone cells were isolated from calvariae of 18-day-old chicken embryos by alternating treatments with collagenase and EDTA. Osteocytes were purified from the heterogeneous bone cell population with the help of the osteocyte-specific MAb OB 7.3 bound to protein G-conjugated magnetic beads. The purity of the osteocyte population ultimately obtained was more than 95%. Osteocytes were found to adhere rapidly to glass or… CONTINUE READING

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