Isolation and purification of antibacterial compound from Streptomyces levis collected from soil sample of north India

  title={Isolation and purification of antibacterial compound from Streptomyces levis collected from soil sample of north India},
  author={Vineeta Singh and Shafiul Haque and Shruti Khare and Anil Kumar Tiwari and Diksha Katiyar and Bikram Banerjee and Krishna Kumari and Chandra Kant Mani Tripathi},
  journal={PLoS ONE},
During the screening programme for microbial cultures producing antimicrobial agents, an active microbial strain of Streptomyces was isolated from the agricultural soil of Narnaul, Haryana India. Physiological, biochemical characteristics and 16S ribosomal RNA sequence homology studies revealed that it was similar to Streptomyces levis (sequence similarity 100%). The microbial strain was submitted to Genomebio Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Pune, Maharashtra, India under Accession No. EU124569. The… 

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