Isolation and partial characterization of a new moderate thermophilic Albidovulum sp. SLM16 with transaminase activity from Deception Island, Antarctica

  title={Isolation and partial characterization of a new moderate thermophilic Albidovulum sp. SLM16 with transaminase activity from Deception Island, Antarctica},
  author={Sebasti{\'a}n L M{\'a}rquez and Jenny M. Blamey},
  journal={Biological Research},
A moderately thermophilic, slightly halophilic, aerobic, Gram-stain negative, bacterial strain, SLM16, was isolated from a mixed of seawater–sand-sediment sample collected from a coastal fumarole located in Whalers Bay, Deception Island, Antarctica. The aim was to screen for thermophilic microorganisms able to degrade primary amines and search for amine transaminase activity for potential industrial application. Identification and partial characterization of the microorganism SLM16 were carried… 

Polyphasic Analysis Reveals Potential Petroleum Hydrocarbon Degradation and Biosurfactant Production by Rare Biosphere Thermophilic Bacteria From Deception Island, an Active Antarctic Volcano

Extreme temperature gradients in polar volcanoes are capable of selecting different types of extremophiles. Deception Island is a marine stratovolcano located in maritime Antarctica. The volcano has

Microbial Communities Present in Hydrothermal Sediments from Deception Island, Antarctica

A multidisciplinary study about sediments obtained by deposition during 4 years in Antarctica, revealing a high influence of the physicochemical conditions in the microbial populations and their distribution, offering valuable data on the interaction between the island and water microbiota.

From the Discovery of Extremozymes to an Enzymatic Product: Roadmap Based on Their Applications

This brief research report describes three examples to illustrate a stepwise strategy for the development and production of commercial extremozymes, including a catalase from an Antarctic psychrotolerant microorganism, a laccase from a thermoalkaliphilic bacterium isolated from a hot spring and an amine-transaminases from a thermophilic bacterial site in Antarctica.



Albidovulum inexpectatum gen. nov., sp. nov., a Nonphotosynthetic and Slightly Thermophilic Bacterium from a Marine Hot Spring That Is Very Closely Related to Members of the Photosynthetic Genus Rhodovulum

It is proposed that strains FRR-10T andFRR-11 should be classified as a new species of a novel genus, Albidovulum inexpectatum, representing, at present, the most thermophilic organism within the α-3 subclass of the Proteobacteria.

Albidovulum xiamenense sp. nov., a moderately thermophilic bacterium from a terrestrial hot spring.

It is proposed that strain YBY-7(T) represents a novel species of the genus Albidovulum, for which the name Albidvulum xiamenense sp.

Rapid and sensitive kinetic assay for characterization of omega-transaminases.

A fast kinetic assay was developed based on the conversion of the widely used model substrate alpha-methylbenzylamine, which is commonly accepted by most of the known omega-TAs, and the data obtained were in excellent accordance with a standard capillary electrophoresis assay.

Identification of novel thermostable ω-transaminase and its application for enzymatic synthesis of chiral amines at high temperature

A novel thermostable ω-transaminase from Thermomicrobium roseum which showed broad substrate specificity and high enantioselectivity was identified, expressed and biochemically characterized. The

The genus Nocardiopsis represents a phylogenetically coherent taxon and a distinct actinomycete lineage: proposal of Nocardiopsaceae fam. nov.

The phylogenetic position and the morpho- and chemotaxonomic properties of Nocardiopsis species support the creation of a family for the genus NOCardiopsis, Nocardopsaceae fam.

Identification of Pseudomonas pyocyanea by the Oxidase Reaction

Strains not producing pyocyanin, from whatever source, cannot be dismissed from consideration as Ps.

Revealing the Structural Basis of Promiscuous Amine Transaminase Activity

The understanding of the molecular principles of promiscuity is a challenging frontier in biocatalysis, as the knowledge obtained can be used as a starting point for protein engineering or for the discovery of other promiscuous enzymes.

Estimation of prokaryote genomic DNA G+C content by sequencing universally conserved genes.

Data suggest that the genomic DNA G+C content of prokaryotes may be estimated easily and reliably from the ftsY gene sequence, a vertically inherited member of the GTPase superfamily.

ω-Transaminases for the Production of Optically Pure Amines and Unnatural Amino Acids

This review summarizes the various methodologies and approaches adopted to produce enantiomerically pure amines and unnatural amino acids using ω-transaminases.