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Isolation and identification of quinolizidine alkaloids in lupins by GLC-MS.

  title={Isolation and identification of quinolizidine alkaloids in lupins by GLC-MS.},
  author={Andreas Tei and Michael Wink and Edzard van Santen and S. Weissmann and Patrick R{\"o}mer},
Effects of feeding canola meal and sweet lupin (L. luteus, L. angustifolius) in amino acid balanced diets on growth performance and carcass characteristics of growing-finishing pigs
It is suggested that the inclusion of lupin to replace soybean meal on the ileal digestible amino acid basis is responsible for these positive results and that the content of canola products in the finishing period must be reevaluated. Expand
Chemical composition and standardised ileal digestibilities of crude protein and amino acids in grain legumes for growing pigs
The SID of CP and AA in the grain legumes were determined in difference to SIDs originating from casein, after correcting the apparent ileal digestibilities (AID) and total dietary contents ofCP and AA. Expand