Isolation and identification of antibiotic albaflavenone from Dictyophora indusiata (Vent: Pers.) Fischer

  title={Isolation and identification of antibiotic albaflavenone from Dictyophora indusiata (Vent: Pers.) Fischer},
  author={Mingquan Huang and Xi Chen and Hongyu Tian and Baoguo Sun and Haitao Chen},
  journal={Journal of Chemical Research},
  pages={659 - 660}
A sesquiterpene antibiotic was isolated from the dried fruiting body of Dictyophora indusiata (Vent: Pers.) Fischer by solvent extraction and column chromatography and identified as albaflavenone by FTIR, GC-MS, HR-FIMS and NMR spectra. The content of albaflavenone in the dried fruiting body of Dictyophora indusiata (Vent: Pers.) Fischer (the content of water was 15.63%) was quantified by GC through an external standard method to be about 0.0063%. The compound isolated has an earthy, camphor… Expand
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