Isolation and developmental expression of Xenopus FoxJ1 and FoxK1

  title={Isolation and developmental expression of Xenopus FoxJ1 and FoxK1},
  author={Barbara S. Pohl and Walter Knoechel},
  journal={Development Genes and Evolution},
xFoxJ1 and xFoxK1, two novel members of the fork head/winged helix family of transcription factors in Xenopus, have been identified by sequence homology to their mammalian orthologues. We here report the complete amino acid sequences of xFoxJ1, its pseudo-allelic version xFoxJ1′, and of xFoxK1, the latter also comprising a fork-head-associated (FHA) domain. We have further analysed the temporal and spatial expression of both genes. xFoxJ1 transcripts were detected during gastrulation in the… CONTINUE READING