Isolation and characterization of synovial mesenchymal stem cells.

  title={Isolation and characterization of synovial mesenchymal stem cells.},
  author={Denisa Harvanov{\'a} and T{\'i}mea T{\'o}thov{\'a} and Marek {\vS}ari{\vs}sk{\'y} and Judita Amrichov{\'a} and J{\'a}n Rosocha},
  journal={Folia biologica},
  volume={57 3},
Synovial membrane and synovial fluid represent a good source of mesenchymal stem cells. They have been regarded as a promising therapeutic tool for musculoskeletal regeneration. Synovium-derived mesenchymal stem cells have higher expression of CD44 and better chondrogenic potential in vitro than mesenchymal stem cells from other tissues. In this study we compared mesenchymal stem cells from synovium and synovial fluid on the base of morphological, immunophenotype and differentiation features. A… CONTINUE READING
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