Isolation and characterization of human fast skeletal beta troponin T cDNA: comparative sequence analysis of isoforms and insight into the evolution of members of a multigene family.

  title={Isolation and characterization of human fast skeletal beta troponin T cDNA: comparative sequence analysis of isoforms and insight into the evolution of members of a multigene family.},
  author={Q L Wu and Prakash Kumar Jha and Malay K. Raychowdhury and Y. Du and Paul C. Leavis and Satyapriya Sarkar},
  journal={DNA and cell biology},
  volume={13 3},
A cDNA encoding human fast skeletal beta troponin T (beta TnTf) has been isolated and characterized from a fetal skeletal muscle library. The cDNA insert is 1,000 bp in length and contains the entire coding region of 777 bp and 5' and 3' untranslated (UT) segments of 12 and 211 bp, respectively. The 3' UT segment shows the predicted stem-loop structure typical of eukaryotic mRNAs. The cDNA-derived amino acid sequence is the first available sequence for human beta TnTf protein. It is encoded by… 
Human Fast Skeletal Myosin Light Chain 2 cDNA: Isolation, Tissue Specific Expression of the Single Copy Gene, Comparative Sequence Analysis of Isoforms and Evolutionary Relationships
The results support the concept of an ancestral gene from which the RLC genes have evolved and are believed to stabilize the binding of NH2-terminal of RLC with myosin heavy chain.
Structure and Sequence of the Human Fast Skeletal Troponin T (TNNT3) Gene: Insight Into the Evolution of the Gene and the Origin of the Developmentally Regulated Isoforms
The genomic correlates of TNNT3 are relevant to the understanding of the evolution and regulation of expression of the gene, as well as the structure and function of the protein isoforms.
Amino acid sequences of multiple fast and slow troponin T isoforms expressed in adult bovine skeletal muscles.
Multiple nucleotide sequences of complementary DNA (cDNA) of bovine troponin T (TnT) isoforms expressed in the adult skeletal muscles were determined to facilitate the elucidation of the TnT
Heterogeneity of chicken slow skeletal muscle troponin T mRNA.
The region includes 7 exons corresponding to position 249-891 of the chicken sTnT cDNA and no alternative exon, showing that the 3'-heterogeneity in sTNT transcripts was due to allelic variation.
Physiologically regulated alternative splicing patterns of fast troponin T RNA are conserved in mammals.
Comparative studies in rats, mice, and humans show that these splicing patterns are conserved and that fast-twitch fibers that are primarily glycolytic utilize the TnT1f and TnNT2f patterns preferentially, whereas fast- twitch fibers that is primarily oxidative use the TNT 1f andTnT3f patternsPreferentially.
cDNA cloning and chromosomal mapping of mouse fast skeletal muscle troponin T
Calcium-dependent contraction of vertebrate striated muscle is regulated in part through the interaction of the troponin protein complex with tropomyosin and the actin-myosin myofibril. The troponin
Cloning and Sequence of a cDNA for Troponin-T of Ezo-Giant Scallop Striated Muscle
Ezo-giant scallop trop onin-T was as sumed to have close phylogenetic relations to troponin-Ts of akazaraScallop, nematode Caenorhabdi tis elegans, and fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster.


Characterization of a rabbit fast skeletal troponin I cDNA: a comparative sequence analysis of vertebrate isoforms and tissue-specific expression of a single copy gene.
Comparative sequence analysis of the vertebrate TnI isoforms and their cDNAs shows a high level of sequence conservation in the coding region among the TnIf interspecies isoforms, and the sequence similarity is markedly decreased among the fast, slow and cardiac intra- and inter- species isoforms.
Isolation and characterization of cDNA clones encoding embryonic and adult isoforms of rat cardiac troponin T.
  • J. JinJ. Lin
  • Biology, Chemistry
    The Journal of biological chemistry
  • 1989
Results suggest that both embryonic and adult isoforms of rat cardiac TnT are generated from the same primary transcript by developmentally regulated alternative splicing.
Amino acid sequence of rabbit cardiac troponin T.
Bovine cardiac troponin T: amino acid sequences of the two isoforms.
The complete amino acid sequence of the larger, more abundant isoform TnT-1, the thin filament regulatory complex that confers calcium sensitivity to striated muscle contraction and actomyosin ATPase activity, is determined using whole troponin T purified from adult bovine cardiac muscle.