Isolation and characterization of an acetylene-resistant nitrogenase.

  title={Isolation and characterization of an acetylene-resistant nitrogenase.},
  author={Jason K. Christiansen and Valerie L. Cash and Lance C Seefeldt and Dennis R Dean},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={275 15},
A genetic strategy was developed for the isolation of a mutant strain of Azotobacter vinelandii that exhibits in vivo nitrogenase activity resistant to inhibition by acetylene. Examination of the kinetic features of the altered nitrogenase MoFe protein produced by this strain, which has serine substituted for the alpha-subunit Gly(69) residue, is consistent with other studies that indicate the MoFe protein normally contains at least two acetylene binding/reduction sites. The first of these is a… CONTINUE READING
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