Isolation and characterization of a microspore-specific gene from tobacco

  title={Isolation and characterization of a microspore-specific gene from tobacco},
  author={Margryt T. Oldenhof and P. F. M. de Groot and Jacobus H. Visser and Jan A. M. Schrauwen and George J. Wullems},
  journal={Plant Molecular Biology},
The characterization of a gene with a unique microspore-specific expression pattern is reported. Isolated microspores from tobacco were used to synthesize a cDNA library. Clones that did not hybridize to leaf cDNA were further characterized by northern analysis. One clone proved to be a microspore-specific cDNA, representing a transcript of 650 nt. The corresponding gene, NTM19 (Nicotiana tabacum microspore-specific), was isolated and its sequence analysed. The gene encodes a protein of 10.8… CONTINUE READING


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