Isolation and characterization of a cDNA coding for human factor IX.

  title={Isolation and characterization of a cDNA coding for human factor IX.},
  author={Kotoku Kurachi and Earl W. Davie},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={79 21},
A cDNA library prepared from human liver has been screened for factor IX (Christmas factor), a clotting factor that participates in the middle phase of blood coagulation. The library was screened with a single-stranded DNA prepared from enriched mRNA for baboon factor IX and a synthetic oligonucleotide mixture. A plasmid was identified that contained a cDNA insert of 1,466 base pairs coding for human factor IX. The insert is flanked by G-C tails of 11 and 18 base pairs at the 5' and 3' ends… CONTINUE READING
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