Isolation and characterization of a bacteriophage F20 virulent to Enterobacter aerogenes.


An aquatic phage, designated F20, was characterized and its physico-chemical characteristics studied. F20 was specifically virulent to only two strains of Enterobacter aerogenes (ATCC 13048 and the multi-drug-resistant strain K113) among other species tested (n = 15). It was classified in the family Siphoviridae of T1-like viruses and contained a linear dsDNA genome estimated to be 51.5 kbp enclosed by an isometric capsid of 50±2 nm in diameter and a tail of 150±3 nm in length. F20 was able to survive in a broad pH range between 4 and 11, showed potential for future animal trials using oral solution and resisted chloroform and ethanol. It exhibited remarkable stability between room temperature and 70 °C for up to 150 min, and even up to 6 months at room temperature. Knowledge of this phage belonging to the widespread T1-like viruses might be helpful for adopting therapeutic strategies against E. aerogenes.

DOI: 10.1099/vir.0.043562-0

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