Isolation and Fractionation of Hemicelluloses from Salix Psammophila

  title={Isolation and Fractionation of Hemicelluloses from Salix Psammophila},
  author={Feng Peng and Nengqin Jia and Jing Bian and P. Y. Peng and Runcang Sun and Sheng Jiang Liu},
Waterand alkali-soluble hemicelluloses were isolated with hot water and 10% KOH at 25 °C from dewaxed and delignified Salix psammophila, respectively. The alkali-soluble hemicelluloses were then successively subfractionated by neutralization and subjected to gradual precipitation in the end, using ethanol concentrations of 15, 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90%, respectively. Chemical composition, physico-chemical properties and structures of the 8 precipitated hemicellulosic fractions obtained were… CONTINUE READING
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