Isolation and Characterization of a Fucoidan-Degrading Marine Bacterium

  title={Isolation and Characterization of a Fucoidan-Degrading Marine Bacterium},
  author={Takeshi Sakai and Kumiko Ishizuka and I. Kato},
  journal={Marine Biotechnology},
Fucoidan, a mixture of sulfated fucose-containing polysaccharides, was prepared from the algal bodies of Cladosiphon okamuranus (class Phaeophyceae, order Chordariales, family Chordariaceae) with a yield of 2.0% of the wet weight of the alga. To obtain enzymes that digest the fucoidan, we screened bacteria in the gut contents of the sea cucumber Stichopus japonicus for their ability to decrease the fucoidan in their culture media, and successfully isolated one bacterial strain that could… CONTINUE READING


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