Isolation and Characterization of Low-Molecular-Weight Chromium-binding Substance (LMWCr) from Chicken Liver

  title={Isolation and Characterization of Low-Molecular-Weight Chromium-binding Substance (LMWCr) from Chicken Liver},
  author={Margarita Viera and Catherine M. Davis-McGibony},
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Chromodulin (also known as low-molecular-weight chromium-binding substance, LMWCr) is a chromium-binding oligopeptide proposed to play a role in insulin signaling and chromium transport in mammals. This laboratory has isolated and purified this material from a non-mammalian source, an avian. Spectroscopic and physical characterization of the isolated material suggests the material is an oligopeptide with a multinuclear chromium assembly bridged via asparatate and glutamate residues very similar… 
Purification and characterization of chromium-binding substances from high-chromium yeast.
This is the first report of a high-molecular-weight chromium-binding substance in yeast and merits further studies.
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The complexes formed between chromium(III) and synthetic acidic peptides were studied by sustained off-resonance irradiation collision-induced dissociation (SORI-CID) in a Fourier transform
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This tutorial review harmonizes the interdisciplinary fields of endocrinology and inorganic chemistry in the newly-termed field of "metalloendocrinology" by describing examples linking metals to both normal and aberrant hormone function with a focus on highlighting insight to molecular mechanisms.
Effects of the supplemental chromium form on performance and metabolic profile in laying hens exposed to heat stress
In conclusion, HS adversely affected laying performance, egg quality, and metabolic profile in laying hens, and both CrPic and CrHis partially alleviated the adverse effect of HS on these parameters.
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Le chrome, sous sa forme trivalente, est un oligoelement essentiel en nutrition humaine. Il est apporte, en faible quantite, par l'alimentation et peut aussi etre retrouve dans la formule de


Low-molecular-weight chromium-binding substance from chicken liver and American alligator liver.
Isolation and characterization of a biologically active chromium oligopeptide from bovine liver.
Low-molecular-weight chromium-binding substance (LMWCr), the only known naturally occurring Cr-containing polypeptide from mammals and candidate for the biologically active form of chromium, has been
Isolation of a biologically active low-molecular-mass chromium compound from rabbit liver.
It is suggested that LMCr plays essential roles in both glucose metabolism and detoxification of invaded Cr in the body.
Purification and properties of biologically active chromium complex from bovine colostrum.
A biologically active, low-molecular-weight, chromium-binding substance present in milk was isolated from bovine colostrum and purified by means of ethanol precipitation and successive ion-exchange and Sephadex gel chromatographies and some ultraviolet-absorbing chemical structure was shown to be a constituent.
A low-molecular-weight, chromium-binding substance in mammals.
An informatics search for the low-molecular weight chromium-binding peptide
The identification of a distinct pentameric sequence in a significant insulin-signaling pathway protein suggests a possible identity for the low molecular weight chromium binding peptide, and clarifies directions for further investigation of LMWCr peptide fractions, chromium bio-coordination chemistry and a possible role in the insulin signaling pathway.