Isolation, expression and regulation of a zebrafish paraxis homologue

  title={Isolation, expression and regulation of a zebrafish paraxis homologue},
  author={Shantha Shanmugalingam and Stephen W. Wilson},
  journal={Mechanisms of Development},
The formation of somites involves the subdivision of segmented presomitic mesoderm into segmentally arranged somite blocks. In mice and chicks, the basic-helix-loop-helix (bHLH) gene, paraxis, is involved in this process. Here, we report the isolation of a zebrafish homologue of paraxis, par1. par1 is expressed in presomitic paraxial mesoderm from late gastrula stages, and expression is maintained in ventrolateral cells after somite formation. In spt- embryos, par1 expression is both delayed… CONTINUE READING