Isolation, characterization and identification of actinomycetes from agriculture soils at Semongok, Sarawak

  title={Isolation, characterization and identification of actinomycetes from agriculture soils at Semongok, Sarawak},
  author={L Duerk Jeffrey},
  journal={African Journal of Biotechnology},
  • L. Jeffrey
  • Published 2008
  • Biology
  • African Journal of Biotechnology
A total of 62 isolates of actinomycetes were isolated from 7 soil samples collected from Agriculture Research Center Semongok, Sarawak. All 62 isolates exhibited a range of colony colours (dark grey, grey, dark brown, brownish, whitish and yellowish white). All the isolates were later purified and subjected to a few enzymatic screening. Results indicate that, 48, 46 and 41 isolates showed the ability to secrete cellulase, lipase and protease respectively. All 62 isolates were then subjected to… 

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Actinomycetes: Isolation, Characterization and Screening for Antimicrobial Activity from Different Sites of Chitwan, Nepal

Findings indicates potent antibiotic producer actinomycetes were isolated from soil of Chitwan, study furthering strain selection and identification would pave the way for commercial antibiotic production.

Isolation and Characterization of Potential Antibiotic-Producing Actinomycetes from Water and Soil Sediments of Different Regions of Nepal

The water source and soil sediments of Nepal provide suitable environments for actinomycetes towards obtaining a novel antimicrobial agent and most isolates were found to be Micromonospora followed by Nocardia and Streptomyces with higher antimicrobial activities.

Isolation, Characterization, and Screening of Antimicrobial-Producing Actinomycetes from Soil Samples

The association between elevation, pH, and pigment with the antimicrobial production was found to be insignificant and can be of importance for further investigation towards obtaining broad-spectrum antibiotics for therapeutic purpose.

Isolation, characterization and primary screening of soil actinomycetes from Kenyatta University arboretum grounds for antibacterial activities

Primary metabolites produced by actinomycetes have the ability to inhibit growth of pathogenic bacteria, and large scale manufacture can be done through purification of these metabolites to ensure large scale production of novel drugs.

Isolation, identification and characterization of soil Actinobacteria from Jazan,

The present data suggest that the number and diversity of actinobacteria in desertic soils represent a vast unexplored resource for the biotechnology of bioactives production.

Enzymatic Screening, Antibacterial Potential and Molecular Characterization of Streptomycetes Isolated from Wayanad District in Kerala, India

The excellent enzymatic potential and antibacterial properties of Streptomyces lomondensis strain CK63 may find various industrial and pharmaceutical applications, respectively.

Isolation , Screening and Characterization of Antibiotic-Producing Actinomycetes from Rhizosphere Region of Different Plants from a Farm of Sungai Ramal Luar , Malaysia

A total of 25 soil samples were collected from rhizospehere regions of different plants from a farm in sungai ramal luar, malaysia and four potential antibiotic producing isolates were obtained by employing primary and secondary screening.

Antimicrobial potential of actinomycetes isolated from soil samples of Punjab, India

The results showed that isolate A5 which produced dark orange colour pigment has excellent antimicrobial characteristics with very low MIC value and stability at high temperatures and high concentration of proteinase K.


Some of the isolated actinomycetes showed high antagonistic activity and might be used as biological control agents of phytopathogenic fungi or as biocontrol agents in agroecosystems.

Isolation and Identification of Cellulolytic Bacteria from Soil Sample and Their Antibiogram

The results revealed that soil of the investigated area can be used, in near future, to produce cellulase enzyme which will be useful for industrial purposes, plant growth promotion and research.



Isolation and screening of actinomycetes from Malaysian soil for their enzymatic and antimicrobial activities

From the total of 212 isolates, 91 showed the ability to degrade cellulose; 16 for mannan and 90 for xylan, while only two strains of isolates showed positive result towards Xanthomonas campestris.

Antibacterial activity of some actinomycetes isolated from farming soils of Turkey

The unusual antibiotic profile of these isolates underlined their potential as a source of novel antibiotics and spectrum broadness.

Characterization of rhizospheric soil streptomycetes from Moroccan habitats and their antimicrobial activities

Most antibiotic-producing isolates possess red and white colour, and strong antibiosis was exhibited against Streptomyces scabies, Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus subtilis, while only 14 and 8% of isolates displayed an activity against Escherichia coli and Verticillium dahliae respectively.

Investigation of actinomycete diversity in the tropical rainforests of Singapore

It is concluded that actinomycete diversity in the tropical rainforest is very great and should represent an excellent source for discovery of novel bioactive compounds.


A diversity of actinomycetes was isolated from various sites of top soils throughout the Crocker Range in Sabah and Acetone extracts of these cultures were screened for MAPK Kinase and MAP Kinase Phosphatase in a yeast system in the preliminary screening of novel cancer drugs.

Isolation and Diversity of Actinomycetes in the Chesapeake Bay

The diversity of actinoplanetes and the ease with which these organisms were isolated from Chesapeake Bay sediments make this an eminently suitable ecosystem from which to isolate actinomycetes for screening programs.

Diversity of antifungal actinomycetes in various vegetative soils of Korea.

Populations of Streptomyces were predominant in all the soils, but were highest in grassland and lowest in mountain-forest soils, while those against Magnaporthe grisea and Phytophthora capsici were abundant in radish-field soils.

Antimicrobial and antiviral activities of an actinomycete (Streptomyces sp.) isolated from a Brazilian tropical forest soil

A promising producer of bioactive compounds isolated from a Brazilian tropical soil was tested for its range of antimicrobial activities and the strong cytotoxic effect suggests an antitumour action.

Selective Isolation and Enumeration of Actinomycetes using Rifampicin

Addition of rifampicin (5µg/ml) to a number of media allowed the selective isolation of Actinomadura strains from soil and enabled large numbers of ‘Thermomonospora (Thm.) chromogena’ and

Secretion of a potent antibiotic by salt-tolerant and alkaliphilic actinomy cete Streptomy c e s s annanensis strain RIT-1

An alkaliphilic actinomycete, Streptomyces sannanensis strain RJT-1 was isolated from the alkaline soil of Saurashtra University Campus, Rajkot and displayed higher antibiotic production with inorganic nitrogen sources such as urea, (NH 4 ) 2 SO 4 and NH 4 NO 3 compared to organic nitrogen supplements.