Isolating cause-effect chains from computer programs

  title={Isolating cause-effect chains from computer programs},
  author={A. Zeller},
Consider the execution of a failing program as a sequence of program states. Each state induces the following state, up to the failure. Which variables and values of a program state are relevant for the failure? We show how the Delta Debugging algorithm isolates the relevant variables and values by systematically narrowing the state difference between a passing run and a failing run--by assessing the outcome of altered executions to determine wether a change in the program state makes a… Expand
Isolating Cause–Effect Chains
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Isolating Cause-Effect Chains with AskIgor - Tool Demo -
Isolating cause-effect chains with AskIgor
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  • Computer Science
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Locating causes of program failures
  • H. Cleve, A. Zeller
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