Isolated primary osteocytes express functional gap junctions in vitro

  title={Isolated primary osteocytes express functional gap junctions in vitro},
  author={Guoliang Gu and Martin Nars and Teuvo A. Hentunen and Kalervo Metsikk{\"o} and H. Kalervo V{\"a}{\"a}n{\"a}nen},
  journal={Cell and Tissue Research},
The osteocyte is the most abundant cell type in bone and is embedded in mineralized bone matrix. Osteocytes are still poorly characterized because of their location and the lack of primary osteocyte isolation methods. Data on the cell biology of osteocytes is especially limited. We have isolated primary osteocytes from rat cortical bone by applying repeated enzymatic digestion and decalcification. The isolated osteocytes expressed typical osteocytic morphology with cell-cell contacts via long… CONTINUE READING