Isolated pre-auricular tags or pits are no indicators of renal abnormalities

  • Published 2003 in European Journal of Pediatrics


Background: Ears and kidneys form a developmental field as manifested by the frequent association of ear and renal malformations. Together with other anomalies otorenal defects are constituents of various disorders such as the Bor syndrome, branchiooculofacial syndrome, Goldenhar complex, and others. It is frequently thought that isolated ear tags and pits are also part of the oto-renal developmental field defect and as such are more often associated with renal anomalies. Patients and methods: A total of more than 17000 newborns were screened for the presence of isolated ear pits and ear tags [1].

DOI: 10.1007/s00431-003-1166-2

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