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Isolated loops

  title={Isolated loops},
  author={Susama Agarwala and Caroline Mosko},
Many bureaucratic and industrial processes involve decision points where an object can be sent to a variety of different stations based on certain preconditions. Consider for example a visa application that has needs to be checked at various stages, and move to different stations based on the outcomes of said checks. While the individual decision points in these processes are well defined, in a complicated system, it is hard to understand the redundancies that can be introduced globally by… Expand


Markov Chains: From Theory to Implementation and Experimentation
An introduction to simple stochastic matrices and transition probabilities is followed by a simulation of a two-state Markov chain and the notion of steady state is explored in connection with the longrun distribution behavior of the Markov chains. Expand
Generation and Interpretation of Temporal Decision Rules
A solution to the problem of understanding a system that produces a sequence of temporally ordered observations based on generating and interpreting a set of temporal decision rules, and shows the effectiveness of the method by describing a number of experiments with both synthetic and real temporal data. Expand
The Application of Petri Nets to Workflow Management
  • W. Aalst
  • Computer Science
  • J. Circuits Syst. Comput.
  • 1998
This paper introduces workflow management as an application domain for Petri nets, presents state-of-the-art results with respect to the verification of workflows, and highlights some Petri-net-based workflow tools. Expand
Introduction to graph theory
Enumerating the cycles of a digraph: A new preprocessing strategy
An improved version of this algorithm together with a new strategy for preprocessing the digraph, in order to simplify the cycle enumeration process, is presented. Expand
A Complexity Measure
  • T. McCabe
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
  • 1976
Several properties of the graph-theoretic complexity are proved which show, for example, that complexity is independent of physical size and complexity depends only on the decision structure of a program. Expand
Finding All the Elementary Circuits of a Directed Graph
An algorithm is presented which finds all the elementary circuits of a directed graph in time bounded by $O((n + e)(c + 1))$ and space bounded by $O(n + e)$, where there are n vertices, e edges and cExpand