Isolated Word Recognition in Marathi


The paper presented here is based on recognition of isolated Marathi words which consists of the numbers and the alphabets. It is a part of Automatic Speech Recognition called as ASR, that is, a technology which uses computer to identify a spoken word of a person through a microphone and converts it to text.The ultimate goal of ASR is to allow computer to recognize in real time, plus the 100% accuracy, the words that are spoken by any person, independent of vocabulary size, the speaker’s features, noise or accent. Speech Recognition is the technology which was initially designed for the individuals in disability community. Aim of this paper has a heavy focus on creating proper interfaced and adaptable speech recognition system for Marathi language. Most of present ASRs are made for English language. Most of them do require a lot of changes before they can be used. In the rural areas across India there are people who don’t understand English and they are unable to speak proper English. So this available ASR system is of no use for the rural people.There are many regional languages in India, but being Maharashtrian, we have got inspired to think about Speech Recognition system for Marathi language. Keywordsrecognition, isolated, Marathi, ASR

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