Isolated Renal Echinococcosis with Hydatiduria in a Girl

  title={Isolated Renal Echinococcosis with Hydatiduria in a Girl},
  author={Vinod Priyadarshi and Jitendra Pratap Singh and Nipun kumar Awasthi and Shankar Prasad Hazra and Mukesh Kumar Vijay and Dilip Kumar Pal},
  booktitle={APSP journal of case reports},
Hydatid disease is a common occurrence in the Indian subcontinent, however involvement of kidneys constitutes only about 2-4% of cases.[1] Isolated renal involvement without involvement of liver or lung is even more rare. Associated hydatiduria is seen in only 10-20% of all cases of renal hydatidosis and involvement of ureter is rarely reported.[2] Though… CONTINUE READING