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Isolated Penile Duplication: Case Report and Literature Review

  title={Isolated Penile Duplication: Case Report and Literature Review},
  author={Imran Fenjanchi and Hamit Y{\"u}cel Barut and Atilay Buker and Abdullah Yuksel Barut},
Penile duplication (also known as Diphallia or diphallasparatus) and pseudoduplication are rare malformations with an estimated frequency of one case per five million births. It is commonly associated with duplications or other malformations of the urinary tract, anorectal and vertebral malformations. The embryologic basis of these anomalies is not clearly known. 15-year-old boy presented with the complaint of having two penises. Other external genitalia was normal, two normally positioned… 
Rare case of isolated true complete diphallus – Case report and review of literature
Penile duplication is very rare anomaly. True complete diphallia is mostly associated with severe anomalies. Isolated complete diphallia is extremely rare. The case is being presented as true penile


Clinical and embryologic aspects of penile duplication and associated anomalies.
It is suggested that diphallia is often associated with a wide spectrum of anomalies that vary from severe malformations to less significant variations of human anatomy, and penile duplication is a rare anomaly.
Diphallus with ectopic bowel segment: a case report
A 1-year-old boy presented with complete duplication of the penis, with an ectopic bowel segment as an associated anomaly. The boy had duplicated epispadiac urethras. The right one ended blindly
Embryologic considerations of diphallus and associated anomalies.
A survey of the anomalies accompanying the 2 main types of diphallus showed that there was a preponderance of anomalies of posterior structures such as colon, bladder and spine in the shaft and glans diphAllus, and a higher incidence of isolated exstrophy of the bladder in diphalus of the glans alone.
Diphallus with anorectal malformation-case report.
Examination of the external genitalia showed two well formed penises with fully descended testis within each of the separate hemiscrotums along with soft tissue mass resembling accessory buttock behind the hemisc rotum.
Triplication of colon with diphallus and complete duplication of bladder and urethra.
The child described here is the only reported survivor with triplication of colon with associated duplication of bladder and urethra and diphallus.
Caudal duplication syndrome: more evidence for theory of caudal twinning.
The authors report successful surgical management of a full-term infant with a constellation of anomalies of caudal duplication syndrome and present more evidence giving credence to caUDal twining as the mechanism behind the syndrome.
Diphallus associated with partial caudal duplication
Abstract A 23-year-old man with similar pathology has presented in March 1998 for primary management of his diphallus and anorectal duplication.
Colour Doppler ultrasound of the penis.
A number of disease processes, including Peyronie's disease, penile fractures and penile tumours, are clearly visualized with ultrasound, allowing diagnosis of arterial and venogenic causes for impotence.
Magnetic resonance imaging of the penis
The role and limitations of MRI in the investigation of penile trauma, selected benign diseases, neoplasms, vascular lesions, and penile prostheses are discussed.
Isolated diphallia: case report and literature review.
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