Isokotanins A-C: new bicoumarins from the sclerotia of Aspergillus alliaceus.


Three new bicoumarin metabolites, isokotanins A [1], B [2], and C [3], were isolated from the sclerotia of Aspergillus alliaceus. Isokotanin A is a regioisomer of the known bicoumarin kotanin [4]. The structures and spectral assignments for 1-3 were determined on the basis of selective INEPT, HMQC, and NOESY nmr data, as well as by chemical interconversions. Isokotanins B and C show activity against the corn earworm Helicoverpa zea and the dried fruit bettle Carpophilus hemipterus. The known compounds kotanin [4], desmethylkotanin [5], nominine, and paspaline were also isolated from extracts of A. alliaceus sclerotia.


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