Isoform-specific silencing of the Livin gene by RNA interference defines Livin β as key mediator of apoptosis inhibition in HeLa cells

  title={Isoform-specific silencing of the Livin gene by RNA interference defines Livin β as key mediator of apoptosis inhibition in HeLa cells},
  author={I. Crnkovi{\'c}-Mertens and J. Semzow and F. Hoppe-Seyler and K. Butz},
  journal={Journal of Molecular Medicine},
  • I. Crnković-Mertens, J. Semzow, +1 author K. Butz
  • Published 2005
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of Molecular Medicine
  • Livin (alternatively called ML-IAP or KIAP) is a cancer-associated member of the antiapoptotic inhibitor of apoptosis protein family. Two splicing variants of Livin, designated Livin α and Livin β, have been identified. The significance of these isoforms for Livin-mediated apoptosis inhibition is largely unclear. Using an isoform-specific RNA interference (RNAi) strategy, we silenced endogenous Livin expression in HeLa cells. We found that the targeted inhibition of Livin β, but not of Livin… CONTINUE READING
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