Isoform-specific interaction of tropomodulin with skeletal muscle and erythrocyte tropomyosins.

  title={Isoform-specific interaction of tropomodulin with skeletal muscle and erythrocyte tropomyosins.},
  author={Ga ry G. Babcock and Velia M Fowler},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={269 44},
Tropomodulin is a tropomyosin-binding protein that localizes to the pointed end of striated muscle thin filaments and caps the pointed end of tropomyosin-actin filaments in vitro. Results from previous studies have suggested that tropomyosin-tropomodulin interactions are isoform-specific. To investigate the molecular basis for the isoform specific interactions of tropomyosin and tropomodulin, we isolated a cDNA for chicken skeletal muscle tropomodulin. The derived amino acid sequence of muscle… CONTINUE READING

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