Isoflavonoid production by callus cultures of Maackia amurensis.

  title={Isoflavonoid production by callus cultures of Maackia amurensis.},
  author={Sergey A. Fedoreyev and T. V. Pokushalova and Marina V Veselova and L. I. Glebko and Nadezda I Kulesh and Tamara I. Muzarok and L D Seletskaya and Victor P. Bulgakov and Yu N Zhuravlev},
  volume={71 4},
Callus cultures were established from the different parts of Maackia amurensis plants and analyzed for isoflavonoids. The isoflavones daidzein, retuzin, genistein and formononetin and the pterocarpans maakiain and medicarpin were found to be produced by these cultures. The content of isoflavones and pterocarpans was essentially the same in cultures derived from leaf petioles, inflorescences and apical meristems of the plant. The maximal yield of isoflavones and pterocarpans in calluses was 20.8… CONTINUE READING
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