Isoflavonoid photoprotection in mouse and human skin is dependent on metallothionein.

  title={Isoflavonoid photoprotection in mouse and human skin is dependent on metallothionein.},
  author={Sitarina Widyarini and Munif Allanson and Nerida L Gallagher and Julie Pedley and Glen M Boyle and Peter G Parsons and David C Whiteman and Catherine J Walker and Vivienne Elizabeth Reeve},
  journal={The Journal of investigative dermatology},
  volume={126 1},
Previous studies report that selected topical isoflavonoids are immunoprotective in both mice and humans, when applied following UV irradiation. Isoflavonoids have documented antioxidant activity, but their mechanism of immunomodulation remains unclear. This study examines whether photoimmunoprotection by the isoflavonoids might result from their interaction with one cutaneous antioxidant known to modulate UV photodamage, metallothionein (MT). In mice bearing a null mutation for MT-I and -II… CONTINUE READING
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