Isocitrate lyase of conifers (Pinus pinea).

  title={Isocitrate lyase of conifers (Pinus pinea).},
  author={G Pinzauti and Eugenio Giachetti and Paolo Vanni},
  journal={The International journal of biochemistry},
  volume={14 4},
1. Isocitrate lyase has been purified about 60 times from the conifer Pinus pinea. A first characterization was made. 2. The high instability is an important feature of this enzyme from higher plants, this causes serious problems in the purification and characterization. 3. A substantial agreement with the data from the literature was found for what concerns pH dependence of Vmax and pKm, the effect of bivalent cations and the requirement of Mg2+. 4. Kinetic studies gave evidence for a… CONTINUE READING

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