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Isochronous Data Link Across a Superconducting Nb Flex Cable with 5 femtojoules per Bit

  title={Isochronous Data Link Across a Superconducting Nb Flex Cable with 5 femtojoules per Bit},
  author={Haitao Dai and C. S. Kegerreis and Deepal Wehella Gamage and Jonathan Egan and Max Nielsen and Yuan Chen and David B. Tuckerman and Sherman E. Peek and Bhargav Yelamanchili and Michael Hamilton and Rabindra Das and Anna Yurievna Herr and Quentin Herr},
Interconnect properties position superconducting digital circuits to build large, high performance, power efficient digital systems. We report a board-to-board communication data link, which is a critical technological component that has not yet been addressed. Synchronous communication on chip and between chips mounted on a common board is enabled by the superconducting resonant clock/power network for RQL circuits. The data link is extended to board-to-board communication using isochronous… Expand

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