Isochores and CpG islands in YAC contigs in human Xq26.1-qter.

  title={Isochores and CpG islands in YAC contigs in human Xq26.1-qter.},
  author={Giuseppe Pilia and R. R. Holden Val Johnson Daniel Kaplan Harvey Keselma Little and Brahim A{\"i}ssani and Giorgio Bernardi and David Schlessinger},
  volume={17 2},
GC levels were assessed at 37 loci across 30 Mb of Xq26.1-qter, a region physically mapped in overlapping yeast artificial chromosome clones. In 8 Mb of R band Xq26, GC is relatively high (up to 44%) in the proximal 4 Mb and relatively low (40-41%) in the distal 4 Mb. Consistently low GC values (38-41%) are observed in G band Xq27. In contrast, further toward the telomere in Xq28, the GC level rises progressively to reach 52% at 2 to 4 Mb from the end of the chromosome; this region is delimited… CONTINUE READING

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