Isobaric (gasless) laparoscopic myomectomy during pregnancy.

  title={Isobaric (gasless) laparoscopic myomectomy during pregnancy.},
  author={Luigi Melgrati and A. Sticchi Damiani and Gianalfredo Franzoni and Massimiliano Marziali and Francesco Sesti},
  journal={Journal of minimally invasive gynecology},
  volume={12 4},
We report on the first case of an isobaric (gasless) laparoscopic myomectomy during the second trimester of pregnancy. Our patient had acute abdominal pain that did not respond to medical management. The procedure was performed under spinal anesthesia with conscious sedation. The remainder of the pregnancy was unremarkable. We believe that surgical management of uterine leiomyoma during pregnancy may be successfully performed in carefully selected patients. Laparotomy can be avoided, and… CONTINUE READING