Islet transplantation and antioxidant management: a comprehensive review.

  title={Islet transplantation and antioxidant management: a comprehensive review.},
  author={Seyed Sajad Mohseni Salehi Monfared and Bagher Larijani and Mohammad Abdollahi},
  journal={World journal of gastroenterology},
  volume={15 10},
Islet transplantation as a promising treatment for type 1 diabetes has received widespread attention. Oxidative stress plays an essential role in cell injury during islet isolation and transplantation procedures. Antioxidants have been used in various studies to improve islet transplantation procedures. The present study reviews the role of oxidative stress and the benefits of antioxidants in islet transplantation procedures. The bibliographical databases Pubmed and Scopus were searched up to… CONTINUE READING
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