Island South Pacific in a changing World

  title={Island South Pacific in a changing World},
  author={Norman Macqueen},
  journal={Pacific Review},
Regionalism, sub-regionalism and the politics of identity in Oceania
Abstract Regional organization in Oceania has a history dating to the early post-war period while the rise of regional identities occurred somewhat later in the context of independence. This paperExpand
West Papua, Indonesia and the Melanesian Spearhead Group: competing logics in regional and international politics
ABSTRACT The idea of a shared Melanesian identity has been consolidated over the last three decades or so through the most important subregional organisation in the South-West Pacific—the MelanesianExpand
All the world is a stage: global governance, human resources, and the ‘problem’ of smallness
Abstract The involvement of small island states (SISs) in a growing number of international organisations (IOs) has placed increased pressure on domestic bureaucracies and political systems. RapidExpand
The term ‘Melanesia’ is a partly geographic, partly cultural referent to a subregion of the island Pacific that has become very much part of ordinary descriptive language along with termsExpand


Australia's regional security
Australia's regional security doctrine - old assumptions, new challenges, Greg Fry. Part 1 General perspectives: a general response, J.D.B. Miller of voices, visions and texts, Nancy Viviani "theExpand
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