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Islamophobia in Europe: The Radical Right and the Mainstream

  title={Islamophobia in Europe: The Radical Right and the Mainstream},
  author={Aristotle Kallis},
  journal={Insight Turkey},
Immigrant, Nationalist and Proud: A Twitter Analysis of Indian Diaspora Supporters for Brexit and Trump
  • E. Leidig
  • Sociology
    Media and Communication
  • 2019
The Brexit referendum to leave the EU and Trump’s success in the US general election in 2016 sparked new waves of discussion on nativism, nationalism, and the far right. Within these analyses,
When Eurosceptics become Europhiles: far-right opposition to Turkish involvement in the European Union
ABSTRACT Turkey’s involvement in the European Union has long provoked controversy among Europe’s elites. Recently, in the context of the so-called ‘migrant crisis’, coupled with the mainstreaming of
How the Contemporary Far-Right Have Popularised their Appeals
This study investigates the role of populism in the growing prominence of the far-right and will address a research gap by specifically focusing on the Australian context – a national setting often
Ottoman Empire Effects on 21st Century European Muslim Immigration
This research looked at how four historical wars during the Ottoman empire had effects on European attitudes and views on 21st century Muslim immigration. These wars included the War of Granada, the
Constructing the Muslim threat: A critical analysis of Marine Le Pen's Twitter posts during the 2017 French election campaign
In recent years, the radical right-wing has been gaining ground in international politics. This analysis seeks to advance scholarly understandings of a major theme of right-wing discourse in Europe,
From cyber-Hindutva to Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar
In many ways, Modi’s success in 2014 foreshadowed the current emergence of a populist radical right revolt in the West. The Brexit referendum to leave the EU and Trump’s success in the US general
Radical Globalisation
Anti-Muslim Sentiment in Developed Nations: A Comparative Study
This paper is a comparative study that aims to explore why anti-Muslims sentiment varies among 32 developed, democratic nations. I delve into the theory that the presence of more Muslims in developed
Europe's Exposed Right Flank: Countering The Bonds Between Russia And Europe's Radical Right
Abstract : In recent years, radical right-wing parties have seen a surge in support across much of Western Europe and, in several countries, have threatened to break into influential government