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Islamophobia, Racism and Critical Race Theory

  title={Islamophobia, Racism and Critical Race Theory},
  author={Sarwar Dilshad and Razaq Raj},
Critical race theory (CRT) in today’s multi-cultural society seems somewhat of a difficult concept to appreciate. The notion that racism and inequality exists regardless of any group formation advocating racism in the 21st century illustrates race and inequality play a significant role in western society. Many critical race theorists in the field suggest that racism transcends across white elites and working class white individuals, regardless of any motivations proposed at government policy… 
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Det ar jag som bar min sloja, min sloja bar inte mig! : En kvalitativ studie om muslismska kvinnors upplevelse av att bara sloja i det svenska samhallet


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Despite its undoubted importance, The Annoying Difference does pose a significant difficulty (apart from its price) for the non-academic, non-media specialist reader, which arises, ironically, from