Islamic Homosexualities: Culture, History, and Literature

  title={Islamic Homosexualities: Culture, History, and Literature},
  author={William Roscoe and Stephen O. Murray},
The dramatic impact of Islamic fundamentalism in recent years has skewed our image of Islamic history and culture. Stereotypes depict Islamic societies as economically backward, hyper-patriarchal, and fanatically religious. But in fact, the Islamic world encompasses a great diversity of cultures and a great deal of variation within those cultures in terms of gender roles and sexuality. The first collection on this topic from a historical and anthropological perspective, Homosexuality in the… 

Naming to Empower: Lesbianism in the Arab Islamicate World Today

This article interrogates the facile imitation of Western labels and questions their usefulness in the context of Arab societies and cultures, and demonstrates that the assumptions that underlie the creation of new wordlists overlook and ultimately erase the very rich tradition on alternative sexual practices in the Islamicate world.

The Politics of LGBT Muslim Identities

Habib’s (2010) collection contains evidence on the experiences of those who identify as homosexual within some contemporary Muslim cultures (Malaysia, Pakistan, Iraq, Singaporean Malay Muslims). This

Islamic Identity and Sexuality in Indonesia

Despite popular understandings and interpretations, Islam is actually one of the most positive of all world religions regarding sexuality. Fulfilling sexual relations is acknowledged as an integral

Marks of Ambivalence of Homosexuality Between Arab Literary Works and Islamic Jurisprudence: A Brief Historiographical Commentary

Islamic attitudes about homosexuality have been discussed in Western literature for more than a century and may result in potential barriers to sex education and in the inability of self-identifiedhomosexual people to communicate openly about health issues related to sexual behaviour, thereby reducing their ability to employ successful preventive strategies within the dimensions of safe sex education.

Educating for sexual difference? Muslim teachers' conversations about homosexuality

Homosexuality is widely perceived among many Muslims as a ‘western disease’, a natural outcome of the West's secularity and cultural degeneracy. In spite of the emergence of more liberal attitudes

Beyond Emasculation: Being Muslim and Becoming Hijra in South Asia

Abstract Hijra, the icon of sex/gender non-conformism in South Asia, are “male-bodied” people who identify as female and sacrifice their male genitals to a goddess in return for spiritual prowess.

Same-sex intimacies in Syariffudin's Mairil and the queering of authenticity

ABSTRACT The rise in LGBT-themed novels in Indonesia over the last decade demonstrates the sea-change in social attitudes and the public presence of sexual and gender minorities in Indonesia. The

Making Places of Intimacy—Ethnicity, Friendship, and Masculinities in Oslo

Through transnational migration, practices of gender, intimacy, and sexuality “travel” with people, get incorporated into new social and cultural contexts, and are negotiated and transformed in the

Is Gayness a Test from Allah? Typologies in Muslim Stances on Homosexuality

The article presents a spectrum of views within Muslim discourse on questions such as: “Is non-hetero predilection congenital and as such created by God?,” “Are non-hetero feelings/actions sinful as

Muslim American communities’ response to queer visibility

Muslims in the U.S. are comparatively well-educated, economically indistinct from the rest of the population, with a set of attitudes broadly compatible with the political mainstream. One of the few



Slavery and the social dynamics of male homosexual relations in ancient Rome.

Roman culture, however, unlike classical Green civilization, made little contribution to an informed acceptance of homosexual relations grounded in an understanding of human ethics and psychology.

A cult matriarchate and male homosexuality.

Male homosexuality occurs very widely, but the extent to which it becomes a social problem varies with the attitudes taken towards it. A sharp distinction between the active and the passive

The politics of Spartan pederasty

Homosexuality, it would appear, now claims the space in the public prints that was not long ago lavished on the ‘woman question’. Its prominence in contemporary life is reflected in art. Nearly sixty

Mystical Dimensions of Islam.

"Mystical Dimensions of Islam" presents, for the first time, a balanced historical treatment of the transnational phenomenon of Sufism -- Islamic mysticism -- from its beginnings through the

Church Fathers, Independent Virgins

This startling study of early Christian attitudes toward sexuality begins with an account of the different stances adopted by the Church--from the Early Fathers' view that sex and the female body

One Hundred Years of Homosexuality: And Other Essays on Greek Love

Halperin's subject is the erotics of male culture in ancient Greece. Arguing that the modern concept of "homosexuality" is an inadequate tool for the interpretation of these features of sexual life

Transgenderism and the Cult of Yellamma: Heat, Sex, and Sickness in South Indian Ritual

  • N. Bradford
  • Economics
    Journal of Anthropological Research
  • 1983
This account provides first-hand information on a variety of ritual officiants who are regarded as having been "caught" by the goddess Yellamma, a form of the Hindu goddess Renūka found in several

The Effeminates of Early Medina

There is considerable evidence for the existence of a form of publicly recognized and institutionalized effeminacy or transvestism among males in pre-Islamic and early Islamic Arabian society. Unlike

Eunuchs and Sacred Boundaries in Islamic Society

In this thought-provoking interdisciplinary work, Shaun Marmon describes how eunuchs, as a category of people who embodied ambiguity, both defined and mediated critical thresholds of moral and

Sexuality in Islam

Contents: Preface vii Part I: The Islamic view of sexuality 1 1 The Quran and the question of sexuality 7 2 Sexual prohibitions in Islam 14 3 The eternal and Islamic feminine 19 4 The frontier of the